Oral Release Technologies

Next-Generation Proprietary Delivery Solutions


BioKey successfully developed technologies resulting in solid drugs with high water solubility and liquid drugs consisting of a liquid-filled soft gel coated with multiple layers.

BioKey’s Controlled Oral Release Technologies

  • Ph modulated hydrogel system
  • Swollen hydrogel release system
  • Membrane-controlled release system
  • Bioerodible-controlled release system
  • Microencapsulated Pulsatile Release systems
  • Single Compartment Osmotic -controlled system
  • Solubility Modulating Hydrogel System
  • Delayed Pulsatile Hydrogel System
  • Stabilized Encapsulated Drug Release System
  • Granulated Hydrogel Matrix System
  • Microporus Matrix System
  • Dual Layer Stabilized Controlled System

BioKey's facilities are cGMP certified.